Strangers in a Moment - The Making of the film May 17 2015

We wanted to take the opportunity to share these beautifully shot behind the scenes images by Ash Kerr, a side step from his usual fine art photography practice these images from the making of the short film - Strangers in a Moment – maintain the artist eye.

Written, directed and produced buy the effervescent duo behind Radioactive Giantism Films - Ramona Telecican and Andrew Kavanagh the short film features the latest Chorus collection which was made in conversation with musician and artist Bertie Blackman. Part fashion film part film clip, it was made on hot hot Australian summer day in a tauntingly empty pool in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Blackman herself makes a cameo and the talented stars of the film - Netia Cafarella-Thomson, Alice Chaston and Guinevere Jones made their athletic feats look effortless.  

The cast and crew worked tirelessly in the heat and we thank all of them - Ramona Telecican, Andrew Kavanagh, Alice Chaston, Netia Cafarella Thompson, Guinevere Jones, Hilary Jones, Lauren George, Ruby McMillan, Veronica Cust, Sivaan Brook, Brittany Rouse, Bertie Blackman, Liam Gilmour, Austin Haigh, Brett Walker, Tom Savige, Ash Kerr, Joel West
, Hannah Vasils, Georgia Walsh, Jemma O'Connor and Lauren Trend.

You can watch the outcome of our collective effort here.