Chorus Presents 'Strangers In A Moment' - VAMFF Cultural Program 2015 April 25 2015

On Sunday 15th March we were extremely proud to present our upcoming collection 'Strangers in a Moment' and film project of the same name, which is the result of a busy summer spent working with the talented Bertie Blackman and the energetic Radioactive Gigantisim Films. Our thanks to all that came - we had a great turn out and value your positive response to both the collection and the film. Another big thanks to all of our friends, family and collaborators - film crew and talented models in particular - that helped us along the way, this project was an all in effort and we couldn't have done it without you. 

The collection will be arriving in store and online from early May 2015 and is currently available for preorder. It will also be stocked in Department of the Exterior in Canberra and Milly Sleeping in Cartlon. 

Click here to view the film and read more about the Collection.