Loose Pleasure by Rafaela Pandolfini January 28 2015

Late last year Chorus was approached by artist / photographer / film maker Rafaela Pandolifini to design and produce costumes for her photographic and video work Loose Pleasure. This work is the final of her in trilogy Dark Dual, Ugly Angry, Loose Pleasure produced as part of her MFA at COFA.

Pandolfini’s work often features women, expresses women’s ideas, emotions, stories, captures women’s bodies in movement. It seems to us that through her  photographs and videos she explores not only the act of dance, but how it becomes ritual, celebration and reflection of emotional states. These concepts resonate strongly with Chorus, perhaps its our age and similar dance floor pasts that prompt the mutual interests into movement and the emotion it brings, or perhaps it is Pandolfini’s fondness for texture, layers of colour, smoke effects, and contrasts that make her work feel like documentations of a past we have been through along side her. Whatever the connection is the commission felt like a natural extension of Chorus’ interests and like an opportunity to push a bit further in terms of garment typology and silhouette. 

In Loose Pleasure Pandolfini grapples with the reciprocity of pleasure and pain explored through moments of being lost in movement. Pandolfini asked Chorus to create garments that allowed her subjects move wildly, freely and hedonistically.

These concepts of control and freedom prompted design investigations into asymmetric forms, wrapping, layering and pleating – the final costumes can be seen captured through her series of stills and soon to be released video. The images capture both intense movement and a dark stillness, occasionally only a smooth limb and a glimpse of pleated silk emerges from total darkens and in other images you sense dynamic repetitive movement seen in the video work. 

An exhibition of the full series Dark Dual, Ugly Angry, Loose Pleasure will take place in Sydney later this year, we will be sure to inform you closer to the date.

Chorus have continued to work with these ideas and our third collection – The Release – is again based around the physical and psychological idea of letting go – focusing on the feeling of release given when one dances.

Bringing this creative collaboration full circle Rafaela Pandolfini, has caught The Release in motion on the talented contemporary dancer Lilian Steiner. Some preview images are on our home page, full set of images to come in following weeks.

Rafaela Pandolfini- Loose Pleasure